Our success is due to the commitment and work ethic of our team. Everyone here is focused on delivering an outstanding experience to our clients.

Low Stress

Let’s face it, remodeling a home can be stressful.

Remodeling a home can be stressful, especially if the project is not managed properly. There are a lot of factors to consider. Design features, product selections, and code requirements, to name a few. Then the project begins and there is dust to contend with, hidden conditions arise, change orders come up, and schedule conflicts delay the completion date. Who would want to put themselves through a nightmare like that?

The Process

Low-Stress Remodeling Process

During our initial consultation, we will acquire as much information about your project as possible so that we can begin to learn what your wants, needs, and dreams are for your future remodel. We will use this information to establish an investment amount so that we can set parameters before entering the Design Phase of your project. By having a plan for your project, we can control costs so that as you begin making decisions we will not go over budget.

Perhaps your dream kitchen and your budget are out of sync. We will help you make them compatible.


Design is a collaboration between you and our design team. We pose questions that you might not have considered and work hard to customize the space for your family. We use 3D CAD software so that you can see your project completed just the way you want…BEFORE we do the work. We assist you in making selections and choosing a color scheme that balances modernizing your space with the look and feel of your home. This is the fun and exciting part of our process!


Once you have made your selections and we have a completed design we can now build an estimate for your project based on very specific information. We get everyone involved in producing your project during this phase. We work together as a team to eliminate anything that might affect progress or change the project total in the end. By having a well thought out estimating process we can eliminate most of the events that lead to the horror stories you hear about in this industry. There should not be many ‘surprises’ involved in a project, as most can be eliminated with proper planning.


After approving the final proposal, we will schedule an appointment for contract signing. At this final appointment, we will review and confirm every detail of your project, such as: The scope of work, final design, selections you have made, what is included and what is not included, our 5-year Installation Warranty. You will also receive an upfront production schedule for your project. This will show material order lead time, your payment schedule, and what will happen every single day throughout the duration of your project. Whether a small bathroom update or a large extensive home remodel, we stick to our schedules!

Now you can sit back while we help make your dream come true.


We have earned our reputation for well-organized remodeling projects by having a plan in place PRIOR to entering the production phase of a project. Planning truly is the key to success when it comes to producing remodeling projects. Simply put, we come through on the upfront promises we are making to you. We will do what we said we would do…for the price we said we would…in a reasonable amount of time.

We will protect your home using specialty floor protectants and plastic barriers. Our job-sites are cleaned up daily. Our installers are courteous, polite, and a pleasure work with.

Let’s face it, remodeling a home can be stressful.

Ask about our LOW-STRESS Remodeling Process.