Anthony Slabaugh Remodeling & Design has served Summit County, Ohio and surrounding communities since 1997. Service is our most important core value, made up of five key actions: Reduce Stress, Exceed Expectations, Foster Relationships, Fulfill Promises, Instill Trust.
Our corporate mission is to “serve our clients with integrity and provide the most stress-free remodeling experience possible.”

Stress Reduction

We accomplish this by having taken the time to develop and continually improve upon systems and process for each sector of our company. In addition to this we take the essential time needed to properly plan a project prior to beginning the production phase. By having a client make all decisions upfront we eliminate many of the issues that arise when a project is poorly planned.


Knowing that no matter how well a project is planned things can still go wrong, our commitment to our clients is that we will also do what is right and fair. We will deal with issues as they arise in timely manner and communicate as clearly and promptly as possible. We will always tell the truth, even when it is difficult.


We decided years ago, that our service area should be small enough that our clients feel well-served.  By keeping projects close-to-home we can offer prompt service to our clients.  Many other contractors will have much larger territory, like all of Northeast Ohio for example, but the client experience can suffer because of this.  We feel it is impossible to provide the same service to a client who lives an hour away than one who lives 10 minutes from the office.  Because we have chosen to differentiate our company by providing an outstanding client experience, we simply must limit our service area.

We serve the following communities:

Let’s face it, remodeling a home can be stressful.

Ask about our LOW-STRESS Remodeling Process.