Cuyahoga Falls Home Remodeling Contractor

Cuyahoga Falls was formed in 1812 with its focus the series of Cuyahoga River waterfalls that provided power for manufacturing in the area. A dam was built in 1826 by William Wetmore. The dam has since been removed from the river leaving beautiful natural waterfalls and opening the river up to kayakers and canoeing.

Cuyahoga Falls has many attractions including: Night life, craft breweries and restaurants, a wonderful downtown walking area near the river, shopping, Blossum Music Center, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and its own Natatorium fitness center.

Learn more about Cuyahoga Falls by visiting the City of Cuyahoga Falls website.

  • Your ad highlights ‘Craftsmen with Integrity’ as well it should! We truly cannot say enough good things about working with your company and are looking forward to more projects in the future. Thank you. 

    Dan & Cheryl
    Dan & Cheryl Cuyahoga Falls
  • Excellent!  A one-stop-shopping experience.  All work provided and directed by same individual made it easy to “control” the project and plan for completion.  Willingness to help and sincere, honest staff and auxiliary services.

    Sue & Cecilia
    Sue & Cecilia Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
  • They did everything they possibly could to make me happy with my remodeling experience. They were very capable, helpful, hardworking, courteous, and professional. Also, they haven’t forgotten me. I still contact them occasionally with a question or concern and they are always there to help. Anthony was great. He never lost patience with me and was so helpful. He gave 110% to my satisfaction. Lee was super. He likes things perfect, just like me. 

    Gary & Carol
    Gary & Carol Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

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