Low-Stress Remodeling Process


Our 3 appointment consultation allows us to build a vision, a plan, and a budget for your project so that we can meet your goals and control cost during the design phase of your project.

  • Meeting 1:

    We get to know each other and ask to you share your dreams, clarify your needs/goals, and discuss timeline and investment criteria.

  • Meeting 2:

    We visit your home to get a feel for the space, take photos/measurements, and create drawing of your current space.

  • Meeting 3:

    We provide you with a Good-Better-Best comparison for your project to help you set an investment amount and discuss next steps.


In this fun and exciting part of the process, we will design your new space using our 3D design software and help you make selections like tile, cabinets, countertops, and flooring. You will know how your project will turn out BEFORE we do the work.

Design is a collaboration between you and our design team. We pose questions that you might not have considered and work hard to customize the space for your family.

At our Design Center we have all of the selections we will need to find that perfect look you have been dreaming about!

3D Design Software



Estimate – Plan – Build – Warranty

Having a plan in place PRIOR to swinging a hammer or tearing out a wall is CRUCIAL for having a well-organized remodeling project. When we begin the production phase of your project we want it to go as smooth as possible with reducing as many gray areas as possible. Here is how we do it.

  • Estimate:

    Once you have made your selections and we have a completed design we can now build an estimate for your project based on very specific information. By having a well thought out estimating process we can reduce change orders and guarantee a fixed-amount contract price.

  • Plan:

    During this phase, we get everyone involved that will be producing your project. We work together as a team to eliminate anything that might affect progress or the plan. There should not be many ‘surprises’ involved in a project, as most can be eliminated with proper planning

  • Build:

    You have access to our online construction management software so you can keep track of payments, know what is happening each day, and message your project manager.

  • Schedule:

    We provide you with an UPFRONT production schedule that we stick to.

  • Protect:

    We protect your home with floor protectants and plastic barriers. Our installers are well-vetted, conscientious, and trustworthy.

  • Warranty:

    After the completion of your project we will remain in regular contact with you during the 5 year installation warranty we offer. Should you have any issue with our work, we make warranty calls a TOP priority and will take immediate care of you.

This Low-Stress Process is truly how we have earned our reputation over the years

Simply put, we come through on the upfront promises we make to you…

  • We will do what said we will do… and you’ll know exactly what that is!
  • …for the price we said we would
  • …in a reasonable amount of time

Let’s face it, remodeling a home can be stressful.

Ask about our LOW-STRESS Remodeling Process.